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Urban Voice Over & Music Artist, Uni V. Sol unwinds on the microphone at his home, on the phone or wherever he roams.

Listen to motivating interviews, thoughtful conversations and countless stories. Welcome to "This is Life with Uni V. Sol".



Mar 8, 2018

In this episode, I jump on the phone with J Hatch and get his take on what it takes to make it in the new music business and how he created his break.
Jason 'J Hatch' Hadshian is the Co Ceo & Founder of iStandard iNc & Digital Osmosis and currently manages Kaydence [singer/songwriter for Ariana Grande, Kelly Rowland,...

Nov 6, 2017

Joey Craps is an excellent bassist and member of the “Life Metal” band, Ashes of Your Enemy. In part 2 of the Music Lover’s series, I talk with Joey at Modern Times Tattoo Shop in Spotswood, New Jersey. He’s a hustler for real, as you’ll find. We talked about everything from him landing record deals to Joey...

Nov 4, 2017

Put a couple of music lovers in a room and they’ll talk for hours, days, maybe even weeks. My friend Ron D. is an excellent drummer and fellow music lover, so shooting the sh*t with him is always a good time. He knows his music and plays practically every week so younger struggling musicians may be able to pick up a...

Oct 22, 2017

The only pep talk you’ll ever need via

Oct 21, 2017

15 years ago I met Shottie over the Internet. We went from being fans of each other’s music, to creating music videos together and becoming good friends. Now Shottie’s rocking his own business 24/7!